Official Fellowships

Those appointed will be members of the Governing Body, developing strategy, seeking out and proposing new approaches, and acting as advocate for their areas of expertise. They will be active members of a dynamic new body, seeking to address the big questions of the 21st century through interdisciplinary, innovative research and engagement. Together the College’s fellows will foster the culture of interdisciplinary exchange by organising regular college events that catalyse them, such as seminars, workshops, and reading groups.

All fellows will be advocates for the college on relevant committees and work with students, colleagues, alumni and donors to achieve our vision of a 21st century college.


Successful candidates will be elected to a fellowship on a 5-year renewable basis (coterminous with the University employment) and, in recognition of the duties involved, will receive an annual allowance from 1 October 2020, as well as luncheon and dining rights from October 2021 (exact terms tbc). The allowance is likely to be in the region of £3k p.a. and can be paid either directly (and thus will be taxable), or as a research allowance (to support, for example, conferences, events, or research costs).


Applicants should work in any of the six areas, and commit to taking an active role in the academic life of the college, alongside a leading role in their specialism. Each area will be interpreted as broadly as possible.

These are not employment positions, and to be eligible applicants must hold an employment contract with Oxford University at Grade 8 or above, as an academic-related member of staff, and for the ‘Major Themes’ positions, be undertaking independent research.

Candidates with University contracts of less than 5 years are welcome to apply, with College election then coterminous with that shorter contract. The Selection Committees will however have regard for continuity in the college fellowship, and particular for provision for its graduate students from October 2021. University postholders who do not hold a contract beyond October 2021 are thus unlikely to be elected. Those who already have a Governing Body fellowship with another college or society will not be eligible.

Further information can be found here:

All applications must be received by 12.00 noon on 28 January 2020.