Marta Triberio, Learning Events & Marketing Coordinator in the IT Learning Centre

Picture of Marta Triberio, Learning Events & Marketing Coordinator at the IT Learning Centre

What inspired you to join the University?

I was very fascinated by Oxford University’s history and by its reputation. At the time it felt like I was going to be part of something big, and it still does. I guess the idea of somehow contributing to the running of one of the world’s top Universities really inspired me and pushed me to do my best in every job.
What was your journey to the position you now hold?

I worked as a library assistant during my Erasmus and I was supposed to return to Italy after three months, but I registered at the Temporary Staffing Service and started as a receptionist for Estates Services instead! I loved that and I did it for over a year. However, I started feeling that I wanted a new challenge and after many applications the right chance came along.

In November last year, I said goodbye to my lovely Reception team and started off as a Marketing and Support Officer for the IT Learning Centre. A few months later I was offered to temporarily cover for one of my colleagues as Learning Events and Marketing Coordinator and I accepted. I can’t say it’s been easy! In the past 11 months I have learnt so much and I feel like my learning curve is still ongoing, but I am really proud of myself. Also, the ITLC team have been amazingly supportive and I am really thankful.
What are the elements of your job that you enjoy the most?

I really like my job as it is varied, no one day is the same.
What advice would you give someone thinking about applying to work at the University?

Although skills and experience are indeed important, being eager to learn and passionate are also valuable qualities and they really go a long way when applying for a job at the University.