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At the heart of our success is our ground breaking research and innovation. Do you want to be part of an organisation that changes peoples lives? Do you want to make a difference?


We are committed to disciplinary excellence - across the medical sciences; the mathematical, physical and life sciences; the social sciences; and the humanities - and interdisciplinary research that will benefit society on a local, national and global scale. This requires extensive collaboration with leading university networks, public agencies and businesses in the UK and internationally.

We aim to maximise the benefits of our research by advancing fundamental knowledge, tackling major societal and technological challenges, and contributing to better public policy, improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, social cohesion, international development, community identity, the arts, culture and quality of life.

Research carried out by Oxford's staff, students and alumni has made an enormous impact on the world over the centuries. The impact of some research is evident immediately, whereas in other cases it can take years, or even decades, before the true value becomes apparent. There are no simple predictors of potential benefit or outcomes, and no single measure of impact. This is where the funding from research councils and charities is vital in supporting research which increases our fundamental understanding of the world and allows us to apply that improved knowledge.

If you are passionate about making a difference and would like to play a part in our world-leading research, come and join us.

See our current academic job opportunities



See our current research job opportunities 



Some of our academic jobs are a joint appointment between a College and the University, where the College is the main employer the jobs opportunities are listed differently



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