Timesheet information

Please log into our secure timesheet portal to authorise hours for temporary workers. Further guidance can be found in our step-by-step guide.

When you join TSS as a recruiting manager we will set you up as a timesheet authoriser and you will be able to access the site using your SSO as the username and the system-generated password which TSS will provide to you. If you are having trouble logging on please contact us for assistance. 

All worker timesheets must be authorised before the monthly payroll deadline. If you have not already done so, please nominate a backup timesheet authoriser for your temporary worker to ensure all hours are authorised on time in case you are away. 

Timesheet comments box

Please do not use this section for any important information that requires action. The box is intended for your internal use only and is not regularly checked by us. If there are any issues with timesheets for your temporary worker then please contact us directly. 


Payroll deadlines

Please ensure you authorise all timesheets for your temporary workers before the payroll deadline to avoid any delay in payment to them. You can find a list of upcoming deadlines below and we will send you monthly reminders. If there are any issues with timesheet hours please contact us for assistance. 


Pay month Deadline
November 12pm Monday 18 November
December  12pm Friday 6 December 



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