Apprenticeship Training Provider Spotlight - Digital Native

With hundreds of courses across many disciplines, Apprenticeship training is accessible to lots of roles, particularly in the University. We currently have over 150 employees on around 26 courses - here we explore some of the digital apprenticeships provided by our training provider, Digital Native.




The Apprenticeships team have been working with Digital Native for a few years, and have been really pleased with the service they provide. All of our learners have either completed or are on their way to successful completions. As more digital standards are being developed, we expect to be working with this training provider a lot more in the future.

Digital Native is dedicated to the delivery of bespoke tech apprenticeships in data, software and digital disciplines and our passion is partnering with businesses to nurture and grow great digital talent. 

As every apprenticeship is designed around the needs of the apprentice and the employer, our programmes can start at any time throughout the year and each apprentice is supported throughout  by one of our industry coaches. 

We use a flipped classroom approach where apprentices access online learning materials at a time that fits in with their job commitments and their industry coach schedules time throughout the month with them for 1-2-1 coaching, group activities and taught sessions (we find this style of delivery is especially welcomed by more mature apprentices looking to cross-train or upskill). 

We have delivery venues in Oxford, Aylesbury and Birmingham but effective use of technology means we can work effectively across the country. 

- Digital Native 



  • Level 3 Software Technician
  • Level 3 Digital Support Technician
  • Level 3 Digital Marketer
  • Level 3 Infrastructure Technician
  • Level 4 Software Developer
  • Level 4 Software Tester
  • Level 4 Data Analyst
  • Level 4 Business Analyst
  • Level 6 Digital & Technology Solutions Professional

Read more about Digital Native's pathways on their webpage.

To find out more about Apprenticeships, visit the Apprenticeship website or email the apprenticeships team.