Find Your Future Launch


OxLEP Skills are launching a new virtual careers platform for young people, schools and parents. This platform is aimed at those who are looking to explore and research the options available to them and discover what future they can have in Oxfordshire.

The platform is named 'Find Your Future' and it launches on 25 March.

There will be 100 virtual pods, representing local and national businesses, and HE education opportunities. Find your Future will be available for one year, giving students plenty of time to visit the various pods before deciding which route might be suitable for them.

They will be able to access inspirational stories and information which will allow them to: 

  • Explore the different employment sectors available in Oxfordshire 
  • Connect with local and national employers
  • Research post 16/18 options including colleges, apprenticeships and universities 
  • Discover tips on the skills employers are looking for, CV writing and how to succeed at interviews  

How we are getting involved

The University of Oxford is one of the largest employers in Oxfordshire, and we currently employ 150 people on apprenticeship training. We want to share some of our apprenticeship stories and opportunities with students, increasing awareness of the career routes available to them into the University.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more, please head to the OxLEP website.

For more information on apprenticeships at the University of Oxford, please contact the apprenticeships teams:

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For any questions about this platform, please email