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The University of Oxford Apprenticeships team continues to support local businesses and charities by transferring unused Apprenticeship levy funds that can be used on Apprenticeship training. This will provide huge opportunities for SMEs who do not have the necessary funds, by enabling them to recruit and train new employees or upskill existing members of their team. It is a fantastic way in which the University can support the local community and so far the Apprenticeships team has committed to transferring a total of over £500,000 of unused levy to many organisations.  


Edgars Limited


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The University has started to transfer Edgars Limited apprenticeship levy which can be used to fund the learning for their employees on apprenticeships. This partnership with Edgars Limited is a fantastic opportunity for us to support a company in the local area.


We asked Jayne Norris, Director why the Levy Transfer was required and what training is the transfer being used for.

"Recruitment can be quite challenging and there is a nationwide shortage of planners. It can also be very expensive to qualify and can take a long time to get to that final stage as it can take up to three or four years after the first degree. The apprenticeship can be the ideal route – it allows them to learn on the job and gain theoretical knowledge at the same time. We've been trailblazers for royal town planning institute and want to promote the profession and look for an affordable way to increase diversity."


What has the transfer meant to Edgars Limited?

"The transfer means that we can train our staff to our own high standards and we are able to invest within our local community, providing opportunities that may not have been possible. It has also allowed us to further strengthen our relationship with the University of Oxford. The transfer has also allowed people to quality via an alternative route to graduating from University and instead gain practical work experience whilst learning at the same time which is the preferred choice by many."


We asked Edgars Limited what this meant to the employees going onto the training and how they felt?

  • Sam Biles- Planner 
"This year i will begin the level 7 elements of my PgDip Chartered Town Planner apprenticeship. I'm excited to continue developing the knowledge, skills and behaviors that will help me both academically and in the work environment. We'll have the opportunity to pick more specialised subjects, including sustainable infrastructure and mobilities which really interests me with its focus on the role of infrastructures, societal development and change. With reaching a new level of the apprenticeship, it also means that new people are joining our cohort, which provides excellent opportunity to meet others with a wide range of planning experience and views as well as making good friends long the way.
I'm grateful to Oxford University for their support and would urge others to explore apprenticeships if they are interested as it's a unique and worthwhile experience."
  • Charlie Bowyer- Graduate Planner

"Having the opportunity to complete my postgraduate studies whilst working within Oxfordshire had always been an ambition of mine. This opportunity has arisen, largely due to the funding secured through the University of Oxford Apprenticeships scheme. I'm excited to apply what I'll learn within the classroom to projects all over Oxfordshire, resulting in a tangible display of my career and academic development. I feel fortunate to have received this funding and want to demonstrate why Oxfordshire can produce some of the best apprentices around, this is largely due to the opportunity and trust provided by the University of Oxford."


About Edgars Limited


  • Edgars Limited are a Planning consultancy firm of chartered quantity surveyors for the construction and property industries.
  • Edgars Limited offices are based in Witney, Oxfordshire.
  • They are a team of 14 expert planners working across a whole range of impressive and successful projects.


What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The UK Government introduced the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017. The Levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with a pay bill over £3 million each year, to invest in Apprenticeships. Employers in England who pay the Levy, which include the University, are able to access funding through a digital Apprenticeship service account which enables them to select and pay Government-approved training providers for Apprenticeship training. The levy is charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer's pay bill.

Please note: the Apprenticeship levy can only be used to pay for the training of staff with an approved training provider.


How do transfers work?

Employers who pay the levy and have unused funds are able to support other employers who are looking to receive a transfer. From April 2019, these employers are able to transfer up to 25% of their annual funds. These funds can only be used to pay for training by a Government approved training provider.

If your business would be interested in applying for a transfer then please contact Leah Bryan from OxLep on leah.bryan@oxfordshireLEP.com

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